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Don-Sher Farm Complete Dispersal

7576 Star Road, Ellenburg Center NY, 12934
107 Registered Holsteins 4 Registered Ayrshires BAA 110.5 17 EX 26 VG 10GP

Contact Agent: 717-543-7883 - Katie Shultz

Terms And Conditions

Payment Information Terms of Sale: Cash/Check/Credit Card (3% buyer’s premium charged on credit card purchases) 1. For buyers not in attendance, full payment for purchase is due to the Sale Manager within 5 business days of the sale. No Exceptions. 2. Partners reserve the right to bid on all partnership consignments. ** Terms of Sale for ET Choices ** 35% down due sale day 65% upon selection at no later than 4 months of age based on age of youngest calf born. Seller entitled to $5.00 per day board after 4 months, based on age of youngest calf born in the group from which the selection is made. The terms of the sale are cash, check, or wire transfer for the full purchase price in U.S. funds on sale day. Parties unkown to the seller or sale management must furnish a statement or letter from his/her bank or a certified check. The seller, sponsor, or sale manager reserves the right to require payment by wire transfer, certified check, or in cash. If other arrangements for payment are made with the seller, a written agreement acknowledging such terms and signed by both parties must be filed with the sale clerk prior to release. All payments must be made to the sale clerk. No release will be given prior to a satisfactory settlement, whereupon a signed order from the clerk must be presented to the loading supervisor. Seller retains title until payment has been honored unless other arrangements are made. Buyers are entitled to warranties as listed below only after full compliance with these terms. All bidders are required to register and give full identification prior to the beginning of the auction. Bidders that sign up on Cowbuyerlive.com platform less than 15 minutes before the start of the sale may not be approved. Any bidder with limited or no history of bidding with Cowbuyer.com might not be approved. It is understood and agreed that Cowbuyer.com LLC is acting as Agent only and shall in no case whatsoever be held liable by either party for the performance of any term or covenant of the agreement or for damages for nonperformance thereof. Paying by credit card there will be a 3% Convenience Fee and if payment is not made in 10 days authorize Cowbuyer.com LLC to charge the card until the balance is paid in full. The bidder agrees that under no circumstances will he/she initiate a chargeback on his/her credit card or cancel payment if payment is made by credit card, personal or business check guaranteed by the bank. If bidder does initiate charge back or cancel payment they will be banned from future Auctions. This is a privately owned & operated sale and we reserve the right to refuse admittance to any person and reserve the right to decline any online bidder. Bidder does hereby indemnify and hold harmless cowbuyer.com, auctioneer and seller from any and all damages, claims, or liabilities from injuries to persons or property of any type whatsoever, caused before, during, or after the auction.